I am so excited! I have been working on a new book, The Altar of His Presence, for several months. Destiny Image Publishers (the Publisher of books by Bill Johnson, Randy  Clark, Myles Munroe, Kelly Varner and many others) is going to release the book this coming summer.

I want to thank everyone who has helped and is currently helping get the Holy Spirit’s glorious revelation concerning the altar and its ministry to the people of the earth. People everywhere have been asking what I think the reader of the book will gain from reading it. Here are some of the things I believe the book will enable the reader to do:

  1. Obtain new spiritual understanding concerning the manifestations of the Presence of God mentioned in the Bible.
  2. Receive new and exciting experiential knowledge about and with the glory of God.
  3. Gain new perspective on and experience with the Holy Spirit in new, marvelous and yet unpredictable ways.
  4. Cause them to hear, activate and mobilize the prophetic words spoken over them.
  5. Learn how to attractively share their understanding of the Presence and power of the Holy Spirit with others.

My dear friend, Michael Valiton,  who currently serves as the Pastor of Finance and Operations for Lake Hills Church in Austin, Texas wrote these words after he read the initial manuscript.

The Altar of His Presence is a powerful, passionate, and uplifting read that inspires the reader to come experience the manifest Presence of God. This book is rich with spiritual guidance, biblical truth, and practical application. Robert leads us through a journey into the proper order of God and His will for our lives. The book details God’s promise to meet us, deliver us, heal us, and create in us a new heart and mind. All we have to do is believe!

Robert uses Scripture, stories, and vivid word pictures to wonderfully illustrate how much God loves us and wants to bless us with a personal relationship with Him. This book is motivating, captivating, encouraging, and invigorating. Finally, The Altar of His Presence reminds us that through God’s grace we not only have a place, a person, and a people to meet the Lord, but most importantly we have God in us, and that is where God ultimately wants to meet. There’s no better time than now!

Over the coming months I will be sharing more news. Please begin praying with and for us as we pray that we will see this awesome message reach people in countries around the world!

Thank you,


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