When we hear the word, “altar,” we often associate it with images of death and sacrifice or of surrender and yielding. Although these associations do have their place, the Lord has given me a New Covenant revelation of the altar that will usher your relationship with God into new and exciting experiential dimensions.

The Altar of His Presence lays out a revelatory blueprint for those who hunger for more of God to take their intimacy with God to new, marvelous and wonderful levels. I believe that through the revelation you will:

• Receive new revelation of how the biblical concept of the altar is a blueprint for you to experience the Holy Spirit more deeply

• Gain new clarity in following the Holy Spirit’s leading

• Experience deep spiritual fulfillment as you learn to fellowship with God on a more personal level

• Enter into greater depths of worship where you can witness God’s glory more powerfully

This New Covenant revelation of the altar invites you into fresh encounters with God’s Presence and to Encounter God at the Altar!

Here are what others are saying about The Altar of His Presence:

“I highly recommend this book both as a study guide and a daily devotion to discover the beauty of God’s Presence more fully. It will truly alter your life.”
– Charles Patterson, Pastor Emeritus, Church of the Hills, Charles Patterson Ministries

“I would personally encourage every serious man of God to get a copy of this ever inspiring devotional book. I can promise that you will be blessed each time you read through it.”
– Bishop McOwen Andrew S. Mwale, Senior Pastor of Katawa
Jerusalem Temple, Mzuzu, Malawi and a Former Division Director,
Northern Region of the Malawi Assemblies of God

“The Altar of His Presence is not for those who wish to be motivated by other people’s stories. Instead, Robert Stone skillfully weaves life lessons of his own, richly seasoned with
Scripture, in order to lead the reader into an altar’ed life.”
– Ric Shields, President of Doorways

“Follow these principles through study and reflection in each chapter and find a whole new way to experience Christ and the dynamic of the Holy Spirit with life changing results.”
– Doyle Fulkes, Superintendent, Southern Idaho Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God

“In writing The Altar of His Presence, Robert Stone has put biblical truth at our fingertips. This is a valuable read for all Christians.”
– Fran Bates, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

“I encourage everyone to read this book with an open heart. I can promise that by doing so they will find that it is not important where we build an “altar” and that by doing so they
will be positioned to receive the best of blessings from Him—His Presence.”
– Dwight Karm, Retired Owner, Paramount Insurance Service

“In his new book, The Altar of His Presence, Robert Stone provides a pattern and a process to establish a growing, intimate relationship with God by experiencing His Presence.”
– Reverend Alton Garrison, Assistant General Superintendent, The General Council of the Assemblies of God

To receive your free preview of The Altar of His Presence today! Email Robert today at: info@altarofhispresence.com



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