The Altar of His Presence Reviews

Hundreds of friends, ministry partners, pastors and church leaders are now reading The Altar of His Presence.
Along with our ministry prayer partners, I am asking all of our friends to pray for each reader of this dynamic new book. Please pray they will enter into a new and special relationship with the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
I believe that there are tens of thousands of people who are about to learn (some for the very first time) to embrace and enjoy our Lord’s Manifested Presence. People around the world are going to be impacted in marvelous and yet unpredictable ways.


It is also important for each of us to seek the Lord so that we too can experience His flooding goodness, grace, and glory. I encourage you to expect the Holy Spirit to give you a unique perspective that will benefit you as well as those in and around your life.
I also ask those who have read the book to consider reviewing it on Several people have written about their experience and here is what several readers are saying…


“This book has left a lasting imprint on my life that has remained long after the reading; it’s been a watershed read for me. I was hungry for more of God’s presence in my life. I was longing for God to meet me in my quiet times. This book led me into dialogue with the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and I have come to experience His beautiful presence in amazing ways. The journey through this book became my daily journaling w/ God as each chapter provided space for responding to what I was hearing from the Spirit. Daily I was being shown areas of my life that needed to be placed on the altar, areas that hindered me from living in His presence. The book begins with the altar as a Place in the Old Testament, then becomes a Person-Jesus Christ, and finishes as a People-the individual who is pressing into the presence of the Lord and His Spirit. As I altar’ed old patterns of thought and actions, I felt like the Holy Spirit was a giant eraser removing the outline of me and my flesh so that Jesus’ outline was becoming bolder. This book led me into living an altar’ed lifestyle in His presence moment-by-moment. It’s impossible to resist this lifestyle anymore, because He delights, not only in showing me His presence, but also He delights in my presence, too!” –Lynn McGoldrick


“The Altar of His Presence reminded me of what God said to Moses: (Exodus 33:14) And He said, ‘My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.’ These are two incredible statements: My presence will go with you. I will give you rest. It is important for us to (choose) to enter the (presence) of God. However, it is also important to understand that when we leave His presence, His presence goes with us! When you’ve been in His presence, people will recognize it. When Mary broke the alabaster box over Jesus’ feet, the expensive perfume probably stayed with her. The fragrance probably penetrated her skin, her hands, her hair so that wherever she went people could smell the sweet fragrance of being around the presence of Jesus! The Altar of His Presence gives you a scriptural road map to maintain a life of worship, a life filled with the aroma, the fragrance, of being in His presence. God said to Moses, “My presence will go with you.” The choice is yours. As you meditate and apply the revelation available in this powerful book you will be equipped to walk in the sweet aroma which belongs to you in Jesus Christ. —Nicholas Chrisoulis II


“I started reading Robert Stone’s new book about two weeks ago. The plan was to read it daily in my morning devotional time, but find it is hard to put down and only read one chapter a day. If you are wanting to grow in your walk with God and in your personal prayer/devotional time, I would highly recommend this deep writing.” –Pastor Scott Ballard


“I just re-read this book from cover to cover and I’m even more excited about living each day in a close, intimate, personal relationship with God Almighty! Author Robert Stone does an excellent job of presenting biblical truths, paired with practical living actions, that bring us closer to God and the life He wants us to experience: Deep spiritual fulfillment through fellowship with God on a more personal level! This book can be read as a bible companion, a group study book or simply as just a great inspirational read. I highly recommend it!” — Pastor Michael Valiton

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