A Transformative Discipleship that Results in Christlikeness

Spiritual transformation is not a program created in a local church. True transformation comes from inside of us. The development of this glorious life in Christ is a process, an intimate expression of who God wants us to be. Making the changes necessary for spiritual growth and development is sometimes difficult. If we try  to change our actions and results without changing attitudes and beliefs, any change we make will be temporary.


One of the recent reviews on my new book, The Altar of His Presence, was recently posted on amazon.com by Richard R. Blake. Richard is the co-founder of Christian Education Resources. He owned and operated the Family Book Center of San Leandro, California for over 30 years and has served as an Instructor of Christian Education Courses at Bay Cities Bible College and Golden State School of Theology, Oakland, CA.


In his review Richard wrote the following:


Robert Stone presents a blue print for entering into and experiencing intimacy with God at new levels. In his book “The Altar of His Presence – Inspiring Intimate Encounters with the Glory of God” Stone assures the reader that “the altar’ed life will alter everything about life.”


Stone challenges the reader to move beyond a rational theology – behavioral theology to a relational experience that will result in Christlikeness. Each of the fast moving chapters is comprised of background information, an application, a reflection, and a response leading to a unique look at the Altar’ed life: I was personally challenged to establish my own “Altar of Promise,” a place, pattern, and purpose, where I could be “Altar’ed” through a deeper, more intimate, relationship with, God, the Father, Jesus, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.



“The Altar of His Presence will resonate with readers pursuing a desire to accept God’s invitation to discover the magnificence of the “Practice of His Presence” more fully.”


The book is “Life Altaring” and “Highly Recommended.”


It is evident to me that Richard fully understood my motivation for writing the book. Because we who are born again are followers, students and disciples of our Lord’s way of life. He lived His life here on this earth as a “man full of the Spirit.” Therefore, the life we are to live is His life–being lived through us. From the inside we are alive in Him and He in us. We have become new creations. Following His way of life causes a literal transformation so that we may live blameless, harmless, unmixed, unadulterated, without blemish, without spot or wrinkle lives–while we continue to live in this crooked and perverse generation. We are to shine as lights in the world holding forth the Word of Life to the unrighteous.


By His grace, through faith, the reformation and transformation of our lives must be continuous. For with salvation comes sanctification. As vessels filled with His resurrection power, the Holy Spirit is adjusting our lives by forming and reforming us until He lives through that part of our lives.


I am asking all of those who are friends and partners of our ministry to spread the word about our new book. I firmly believe that The Altar of His Presence was given to us by the Holy Spirit to help spark the very next move of God that our planet so desperately needs. If you haven’t purchased your copy, please go to: http://www.thealtarofhispresence.com today.




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