A spiritual study promised to change your spiritual life.

Altar’ed. Spiritual insights by Robert Stone

The altar. The thought of which creates a host of images from the simple to the ornate. The altar has played a significant role in the spiritual lives of both Jews and Christians. From the first mention of the word in Genesis Chapter Eight the altar has signified both sacrifice and worship. I first heard about coming to the altar in an old hymn.

All on the altar

Coming to the altar isn’t about building a wooden bench, box or table in a church, temple, sanctuary or cathedral. It is not about making an attempt to have a meeting God at a designated or dedicated place. Our coming to the altar is about humbly learning to call upon the Name of the Lord in such a way that it fosters God’s Manifested Presence. Our calling upon Him promises to bring great and marvelous results. First, if we come He has promised to meet with us. His Word declares that if we call upon Him-He will answer us. It is His will to deliver us, heal us and create in us a new heart and mind.

Though our coming brings about tremendous results, we must remember that much greater than the results is the relationship. The LORD wants to be with us, to live in and through us for ever and ever. He desires to put Himself on display. He is the paint and the painter. On the canvass of our lives He desires to show the world and all who are in it how gracious, great and glorious He really is.

His promise to meet us at the altar of our hearts is perhaps the most wonderful promise in the Scriptures. To think the God of all gods, the King of all the kings, the Governor of all governors desires to meet with us, live in us and change us into His likeness. Oh, how marvelous. Oh, how wonderful.

Through the Holy Spirit our Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ has chosen to take up residence within us. God has chosen to make our lives His place of habitation. As you read, study and pray over the encouraging words of this blog, ask the Holy Spirit to fill you, over flow you and use you to become a blessing to others. Make it your habit to come to the altar. Why?

Because, if you will come to the altar, the Glorious Gracious and Good God of the Universe will meet you there.